Delivery Options

Delivery Options to Suit Your Needs

Take advantage of the right options for your business.

Best Efforts

  • Overnight Protection until 8:30AM ET
  • Loans can be delivered on lock expiration date


  • Direct Trade with no minimum trade amount
  • Assignment of Trade
  • Bid-Tape/Bulk Carve
  • Single loan mandatory available
  • Early funding credits

Flow MSR

  • Available for Ginnie Mae, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
  • Minimal overlays
  • Bifurcated and non-bifurcated, simplified and expedited settlement

Bulk MSR Acquisition

  • Ginnie Mae
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac

Manage Your Pipeline

Freedom Correspondent Lending makes it easy to manage your pipeline online and in real-time. Sign into your secure account to access these convenient features:

  • View the latest rates
  • Manage and upload loans in your pipeline
  • Generate up-to-the-minute reports